Sharper Marketing created the marketing strategy for the brand and positioning for XO Foods.

XO Foods is an Australian manufacturer of an innovative breakfast cereal range. Chantal Scarlett is the passion & brains behind this healthy, nutritious breakfast. Not only is this range packed with nutritious goodness, it is light and delicious making it a great choice for consumers first thing in the morning.

Under Chantal’s direction, XO Foods have a vision of a providing nutrient rich breakfast foods, supporting health, vitality while reducing processed ingredients and sugar. The XO Foods range includes Toasted, Nude and Golden.

Sharper Marketing was introduced to XO Foods with the brief of defining the key market opportunities to enable the Business to grow and the go-to-market strategy to drive sales. The core challenge for this new brand was to create market traction with a limited marketing budget.

Sharper Marketing commenced working in a strategic capacity, specifically to create clarity around positioning for marketing communications. The XO Foods brand is about loving ya guts. Chantal and the XO Foods brand espouse this positioning, and genuinely deliver on the breadth of these values.

With clarity in positioning, Sharper Marketing supported XO Foods navigate the supply side evolution of the business. Now production is well-established, Chantal is focused on building demand, actively growing sales into retail and food service channels. Specific geographic focus is enabling the brand to generate market traction.

Sharper Marketing prepared the Go-to-Market Strategy and defined launch-marketing activities. These activities are tied to the markets that Chantal is specifically engaging with direct selling.

Sharper Marketing also supported XO Foods by scoping the development and project management of the XO Foods website.

XO Foods are continuing to grow their brand awareness with consumers, enter new retail outlets and create food service relationships. Look out for XO Foods in your local food store and cafe.

Sharper Marketing and XO Foods are continuing to explore possibilities grow the Business.