Sharper Marketing was tasked to create the Product Launch Strategy to drive sales and revenue for South Pacific Jam Company.

The South Pacific Jam Company is a sustainable range of distinctly Australian jams. Catherine Stace is the driving force behind this range. Not only does this jam range have the South Pacific as its origin, the ingredients are tropical fruits encased in an outer skin, minimizing pesticide residue.

Under Catherine’s direction, The South Pacific Jam Company has a vision of a providing quality jam range, supporting health and vitality and contributing towards zero wastage for Australian farmers. The South Pacific Jam Company range includes Banana Jam, Guava & Pineapple Jam and Mango & Ginger Jam.

Sharper Marketing clearly understood the South Pacific Jam Company needed a go-to-market strategy to drive sales and revenue. The core challenge for this new brand was to create market traction with a limited marketing budget.

Sharper Marketing commenced working in a strategic capacity, specifically to create clarity around positioning for the launch marketing communications. The South Pacific Jam Company are a sustainable Australian producer of exotic, luscious and resort influenced preserves.

With clarity in positioning, Sharper Marketing worked collaboratively with South Pacific to define revenue and sales goals, specifically tied to key retail and food service channels. Specific market focus led to the creation for the Go-to-Market Strategy with key sales people recruited and launch-marketing strategies defined. “Sharper Marketing defined our go-to-market strategy for my break through range of jam in food service and retail” explains Catherine.

Sharper Marketing were also tasked with implementing the launch marketing communications including website scoping and project management, digital and social media direction, with staff recruited for amplification.

South Pacific Jam Company are continuing to grow their brand awareness with consumers, enter new retail outlets and create food service relationships. Look out for the South Pacific Jam Company in your local food store and cafe.

Sharper Marketing and South Pacific Jam Company are continuing to explore possibilities to continue to strength into the business and Brand.