Sharper Marketing worked with Fossix to build the brand positioning, develop physical merchandising and create digital communications.

Fossix Cafe is food heaven located in the heart of Sydney’s CBD. The business is owned and operated by Jeremy G. His passion for offering specialty coffee and real food has created a solid following for the Fossix brand. However, when he began operating the business he recognised there was a significant growth opportunity and importantly a marketing strategy was required to grow and promote the Business.

Jeremy explains when we first began working together in September 2017, “We offer consistently, fantastic coffee for our customers. This means that every take-away or in-house Fossix coffee experience is truely memorable. Coupled with this we are one of the few real cafes in the city who operate a full commercial artisan kitchen onsite at our CBD location. This means we are baking daily our savoury tarts & pies, together with our individual cakes, slices, muffins and whole cakes. We ensure that our customers are spoilt for choice every time they visit our cafe”.

From a marketing perspective, Jeremy wanted to get the word out to reach more city customers to experience Fossix. With competitive pressure from cafe’s in Pitt St and the MLC centre, it is increasingly difficult to engage new customers and retain existing customers.

Sharper Marketing developed brand messaging and built the proposition together with Melbourne design group, Innate Design, highlighting the Business point of difference. The offering, Fossix, Artisan Coffee & Kitchen. This extended further into Fossix, “Foragers of Fresh, Full Flavour”. From a service perspective, the Fossix team ensure the level of customer engagement is always fresh and vibrant.

Sharper Marketing has followed through with implementing a targeted promotional strategy to amplify the Fossix Cafe in market. This has included PR, social media engagement, on-site cafe promotions and retail merchandising.

Importantly the Business is growing from strength to strength, as customers feel connected to the cafe. “I feel like I can drop into the cafe and I’m warmly greeted. The coffee is really fantastic. And the food is excellent ” explains one customer. Creating a sense of community and connection with customers is unique in the city and therefore is creating a sustainable and defendable point of difference for the Business.

Sharper Marketing and the Fossix Cafe team are continuing to explore possibilities for 2018 to build strength into the Fossix Business and Brand.