Sharper Marketing strategically assisted Delicious Foods Australia along a customer focused communications journey for their customers.

Delicious Foods Australia is a home-grown, ready-to-eat range created by the formidable Nicole Mahler. For over five years Nicole has been creating super-delicious ready meals for hungry consumers under the clever brand identities Dahlicious, Veglicious and Mexlicious. The business is rapidly growing and expanding, driven by Nicole’s vision to manufacture real food for busy, discerning customers.

From a business perspective, Nicole wanted to capture the expanding vegan market by growing distribution and product availability. “My initial goal is to be distributed Australia wide. I never dreamed it would get quite this big from humble share with family and friends meals”.

Sharper Marketing and Delicious Foods Australia recognised Strategy Planning was essential, to enable the Business to engage the vegan consumer market, together with fresh consumers transitioning to vegan foods. According to Live Kindly, Australia’s packaged vegan food market is currently worth about $136 million, a figure which is set to rise to $215 million before 2020 and makes ‘down-under’ the third-fastest growing vegan market in the world.

The vegan market is evolving with the emerging mid-market plant based foods consumer. The plant based consumer is undertaking an evolutionary shift to eat more plant based, and are looking to find these options. Based on Sharper Marketing insights and analysis, together with Nicole’s deep knowledge there has been a subtle shift in positioning for Delicious Foods.

Delicious Foods now are engaging more consumers using ‘plant based’, rather than the vegan proposition. This subtle difference is important because the brand is reaching a slightly more contemporary market using words that are valuable to these consumers.

Nicole remarked to a professional friend, “When you get your head around the need to set some strategic direction for your business drop her an email. Lindi has been a real game changer for me. You will not regret it – VERY results orientated”.

Sharper Marketing were also tasked with developing the Delicious Foods website with a deep customer and trade focus, lifting the awareness for the brand with publicity via large influential trade and industry media, and developing the digital and social media strategy for the brand. This work has since enabled Nicole to work with some of the most progressive independent supermarkets in Australia.

Now Nicole has her sights set on international markets for her beautiful brands, and to release new products into the Australian market in the coming year.

Sharper Marketing and Delicious Foods are continuing to explore possibilities to continue to build strength into the Business and Brand.