Sharper Marketing defined the brand positioning and promotional strategy for the retail Business, Bellevue Hill Bottle Shop.

The Bellevue Hill Bottle Shop is located in the heart of Eastern Sydney. The business is owned and managed by partners, Dan F and Mikey W. Their passion for top notch wine and spirits has them regularly tasting over 100 wines & spirits every week.

Dan explained to me when we first began talking in September 2015, “We only put the best wine and spirits on our shelves. We guarantee that no matter what a customer spends, they will be able to uncover exactly what they are looking for in our store”.

From a marketing perspective, they needed to get the word out to the market, to encourage customers to visit the store. With competitive pressures building from the major supermarket liquor retailers, it has become increasingly difficult to capture share of wallet competing on price with the bigger players.

Sharper Marketing worked with Dan and his team to define the point of difference. Bellevue Hill Bottle Shop offers a cellar door experience for customers. The instore experience builds on the passion and expertise of Dan & his colleagues.  From a service perspective, the level of customer engagement goes above and beyond.

Sharper Marketing set about creating a promotional strategy to amplify this message to the market. This included PR, social media, event planning, local advertising and window merchandising.

Research shows that the customers feel connected to the store. “There is a sense that you care about helping us find quality relevant to our needs” explains Ed and Ruby. Creating a sense of community and connection with customers is a unique and therefore sustainable point of difference for the brand.

Sharper Marketing and the Bellevue Hill Bottle Shop are continuing to explore possibilities to build strength in the cellar door brand and communication.