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We welcomed a gorgeous fur baby into our family on the weekend. She is beautiful and cuddly and has me walking in circles. Needless to say we are a little more busy in our household this week, dinner has been later than usual, and our fridge is a little bare.

It occurred to me that the break-through Australian food producer, Delicious Foods Australia, who manufacture a range of healthy, three minute meals, solve a significant problem for health-orientated, busy people.

The problem solved for customers is how to pack more plant-based, protein rich nutrients into busy meal times, quickly and easily at home. It’s a real problem solved, because busy people may not have the time or the desire to be prepping their meals 24 hours in advance.

Personally, I love her range because it is 100% plant based, packed full of flavour, protein dense and a quick meal. Red lentils, split green lentils, puy lentils. The upside for me is that I’m eating a super healthy meal, quickly and simply. This is a big deal for me and many other health orientated busy people.

Before Sharper Marketing began working together the Delicious Foods Australia range was focused on tackling the vegan consumer market, together with people transitioning to vegan foods. According to Live Kindly, Australia’s packaged vegan food market is currently worth about $136 million, a figure which is set to rise to $215 million before 2020 and makes ‘down-under’ the third-fastest growing vegan market in the world.

The insight in these stats is that Australia is on a journey and is in the process of transitioning from meat to plant based meals. Alongside this data is the insight that the vegan market is evolving with the newly defined plant based food consumer. This plant based consumer will be undertaking an evolutionary process to eat more plant based meals. The description of plant based will therefore appeal to this transitioning customer together with vegan customers.

Delicious Foods are now engaging consumers using the ‘plant based’ tag, rather than the vegan definition. This subtle difference is important because the brand is engaging a larger more contemporary market using words that are valuable to these influential consumers. This subtle repositioning in market will have a significant impact on the Delicious Foods BRAND as their products will have unique appeal to these transitioning customers together with the vegan market.

There is real value for a business in undertaking a customer focused journey. When you demonstrate, and communicate an understanding with customers who are core to your brand you will have the opportunity to create strong and enduring customers. These customers translate into highly valuable and enduring customer relationships.

The result of this customer focus is that a Brand can exert greater influence and persuasion in market.

How can you begin to apply the practice of becoming more customer focused for your up and coming Business?

  1. Prepare a detailed description of your customers. You can create a description by initially considering 3 – 5 customers who really love what you offer.
  2. Review this description to identify key insights that may assist you better understand your customers
  3. Express your Brand product offer to your customers using their language.

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