Marketing Food: Tips to Reach New Markets

Thinking about the next market that will grow sales? Mainstream markets or Asian export opportunities? Have you considered the audience you would like to reach?

If you are looking to grow new sales in under developed markets, it’s vital you have aligned the market opportunity with your communications and promotions.

Here are five marketing tips to help create focus:

  1. Which customers will you reach?
    • Can you think deeply about your customers?
    • What are they thinking? What do they need?
    • What’s going to motivate them to momentarily ‘stop’ to consider your brand?
  2. What are you trying to achieve tackling this new market?
    • Immediate sales?
      • Eg. large volume of product promoted into the market
    • Grow sales in the short term?
      • Eg. reach customers who are ready to engage with your ‘on-trend’ brand
    • Brand awareness in under-developed markets?
      • Eg. Enable sales growth in the coming years
  3. How long will the brand be actively promoted in the market?
    • Short term objectives require short term marketing strategies and tactics. Think product sampling and price promotions.
    • ‘On trend’ products can avoid price promotions, and instead use creative, digital promotions and niche advertising.
    • Brand awareness will be assisted by promotional offers, like product bundling and gift with purchase
  4. Is a single message or promotion enough?
    • Customers require more than a single brand communication
    • You will always engage more people with authentic and creative communications, that are relevant to the brand.
    • Sales and brand awareness can be supported by product sampling and in-store tasting
  5. Should I engage passionate customers using social media?
    • Definitely!
    • Be vocal about key points to build awareness of your values
    • Extend creative messages online to build customer engagement
    • Give your followers insights about the brand

For more information about how to tackle new markets locally and across Asia, reach out to Sharper Marketing for your FREE market briefing now.

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