Workshop: Is your marketing delivering you business?

Are you juggling your marketing idea’s around, unsure which opportunities will serve your business? Do you have too many options under consideration, preventing you from moving forward? Are you unsure what is going to work?

Lindi Glass, Sharper Marketing, would like to help you re-frame your marketing strategy to ensure your business is delivering strong revenue for your food or beverages business.

Using a powerful marketing framework, in 60 minutes, you will walk away with a better understanding of which customers will drive your sales, what should be your marketing focus and which communication channels will deliver revenue.

To ensure a valuable experience for participants, Workshop numbers are limited to 12.

“A small group meant lots of great ideas. Everyone was able to contribute and be inspired. I was happy with the content – it was easy to understand & relevant”.

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Date & time: 2019, Thursday 4th April, between 10am – 11am
Address: Online Strategy Workshop Session
Who should attend: Food-preneurs Directors & Managers from Food & Beverage businesses
Investment: $95

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Did I mention food porn?

Image by alekaptrd Source:

Whether you are into sucking or fondling this is explicit food-noir. #Food #Porn. Absolutely suggestive. Highly emotive. But isn’t that what it’s about?

Whether you experience food lust or simply love devouring your dish, we all want extraordinary #food #experiences.

Thank Tetsuya Wakuda and Heston Blumenthal for inspiring generations of chefs around the world. They represent the pinnacle of creativity in the kitchen, and have helped create the Food Porn phenomena.

Their inspiration has transitioned into #Australian #food #marketing and #advertising. Every food image in the media now grooms us to lust after food. If you are into authentic burgers there are plenty of restaurants that get you drooling before you have even placed an order. I am not going to go on and talk about how BIG food corporations are using these ideas to help their brands. Just think McDonald’s.

Too often fine food producers, distributors and retailers rely on the raw unpackaged truth. From a communications standpoint, simple and restrained images will not drive your desired customer response. If for example ‘you are a food manufacturer of raw organic flour’, there is a great opportunity to establish immediate market awareness using unrestrained images to blow your customers’ mind and heart.

The next time you are thinking of creating #food#marketing and promoting your product think Food Porn – raw, unadulterated and palpable. Thrust delicious food images forward to get your customer’s eye. Think ‘Buy me!’

Btw: your sales guys will be most appreciative!

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